WWE Topps Slam Attax is a trading card game of the WWE. It has been in business since 2009. Each year has a different name. The current one already is named Rumble that was first sold in 2012 based on the Superstars and Divas in late-2011 (around October).


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Cards listEdit

Main Article: WWE Topps Slam Attax - Card list

Types of cardsEdit


There are a few different types of cards for superstars and divas:

  • Basic

The basic one have the normal defence and offensive for Raw, Smackdown, NXT and The WWE Legends.

  • Tag Team

The tag team ones have two players combined to a normal overall for the actual overall, defence overall and offense overall.

  • Champion

Champion cards are gold cards that have some superstars and divas get their overall points up a few skill points.

  • Signature moves

The signature moves card has a few superstars and diva's finishing maneuvers.

Effect match typesEdit

  • Match types

These type of cards choose what match type the match will be.

  • Objects

The objects cards is when the superstars and divas have an effect that helps the skill points go up.