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SVR 2006 Roster And Overalls And Crowds

Spongebob-93  Clean

Rigby-91   Clean

Batista-93 Clean

Big Show-82  Clean

Brock Lesnar-87 Dirty

Booker T-83 Clean

Bret Hart-91 Clean

British Bulldog-84 Clean

Carlito-83   Dirty

Dennis-72  Dirty

Candlehead-77 Clean

Chavo Guerrero-77 Dirty

Chris Jericho-89 Clean

Chris Masters-86 Clean

Christian-90 Clean

Chris Benoit-89 Clean

Cm Punk-93 Clean

Cody Rhodes-83 Clean Intercontinental Champion

Coop-72 Dirty

Eddie Guerrero-88 Clean

Edge-89 Clean 

Evan Bourne-87 Clean

Zim-89 Dirty

Gumball-87 Clean WWE Champion

Finlay-75 Dirty 

Eugene-87 Clean Tag Team Champion

The Great Khali-86 Dirty

J. B. Layfield-87  Dirty

John Cena-100 Clean World Heavyweight Champion

Jubileena-75 Clean Womens Champion

Kane-92 Clean 

Vanellope-77 Clean

Matt Hardy-88 Clean

Michelle Mccoll-64 Dirty

Randy Orton-95 Clean

Rey Mysterio-99 Clean United States Champion

Rob Van Dam-90 Clean Cruiserweight Champion

Shawn Michaels-91 Clean

Shelton Benjamin-90 Clean

Snitsky-81 Dirty

Kurt Angle-93 Clean

Triple H-98 Clean Tag Team Champion

Umaga-81 Dirty

Calhoun-68 Clean

Undertaker-94 Clean 

William Regal-83 Clean  Tag Team Champion

Gloyd Orangeboar-89 Clean

Ralph-94 Clean

Stone Cold-88 Clean

Hollywood Hogan-83 Dirty

Taffyta Muttonfudge-77 Clean

Steven Richards-81 Clean

Scotty 2 Hotty-84 Clean

Spike Dudley-85 Clean

Ben Tennyson-76 Dirty

Paul London-83 Clean

Hulk Hogan-82 Dirty

Andre The Giant-81 Dirty

Rene Dupree-80 Dirty

Sulley-95 Clean

Mike Wazowski-94 Clean

Randall Boggs-93 Clean

Bobby Lashley-90 Clean


Teddy Long-55

Eric Bischoff-55

Jim Ross-55

Michael Cole-55

Jerry Lawler-55

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