Tag Team(or Two on Two) features two teams of two surperstars. One superstar of each team are legal and can roam the ring, while their tag partner remain at their corner until they are taged in(press X(PS3-PS2) or A(360) while near tag partner). A team can win by pinfall or submission, or if one of the tag team opponents is counted out or disquallified. If a illegal superstar is in the ring, the referre will count to five. If the referre reaches five, the illegal superstar and his legal partner will lose by DQ.

List of Tag Team match variantsEdit

  • Normal Match
  • Tornado Tag
  • Mixed Tag(see below)
  • Hell in a Cell
  • Steel Cage
  • TLC
  • Tables
  • Ladder
  • Extreme Rules

Mixed TagEdit

A mixed tag team match is the same a regular tag team match, only each team has a superstar and a Diva. Rules are the same, but if a superstar hit a Diva, his team is DQ'd. And if a Diva hits a superstar, her team is DQ'd.