"The Vigilante"
Appears in WWE 2K15
Billed Height 6 ft 2 in
Billed Weight 250 lb
Born From Omaha, Nebraska
Billed From Venice Beach, California
WWE Debut 1987
with other people
Dolph Ziggler
Triple H

Sting's WWE Game Debut will was in WWE 2K15.


WWE 2K15Edit

  • Sting (91') - Surfer Sting with blond hair, original facepaint with trousers with scorpions on them, this attire is in Yellow and Blue. Comes with his original jacket for his entrance.
  • Sting (99') - Crow Sting with black hair, Crow black and white facepaint with a singlet with scorpions on it, this attire is in Black and White. Comes with black trench coat during the entrance.

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