Finishers & Signatures Edit

  • Spear
  • Jackhammer (also known as Suplex Hammer)
  • Hip Toss
  • Knee Drop
  • Judo Takedown
  • Back body Drop
  • Cross Armbreaker
  • Shoulderblock
  • Snap Swinging Neckbreaker
Multiple suplex variations Edit
  • Gutwrench Suplex
  • Belly to Belly
  • Jack Hammer
  • Single Underhook Suplex
  • Pumphandle Overhead Suplex
Multiple Clothesline variations Edit
  • Running
  • Diving
Multiple Slam Variations Edit
  • Fireman's Carry
  • Military Press
  • Sidewalk
  • Full Nelson
  • Belly to Back Sideslam
  • Scoop Powerslam
  • Front Scoop Powerslam
  • Avalanche Gorllia Press Slam
  • Gorilla Press Front Scoop Powerslam
  • Powerslam
  • Gorilla Press Powerslam
Multiple Kick Variations Edit
  • Corkscrew Dropkick
  • Dropkick
  • Back Spin Kick
  • Big Boot
  • Super Kick
Multiple Reversal Variations Edit
  • Dragon Screw
  • Leg Trapped Spinebuster
Multiple Submission Variations Edit
  • Cross Armbar
  • Kneebar
Multiple Spinebuster Variations Edit
Billed Height 6 ft 4 in
Billed Weight 285 lbs
Born From Tulsa, Oklahoma
Billed From Dawsonville, Georgia (WCW)

Atlanta, Georgia (WWE)

WWE Debut 1997
with other people
The Rock

Chris Jericho
Triple H
Brock Lesnar

  • Spinebuster
  • Military Press Spinebuster
  • Leg Trapped Spinebuster
  • Gorila Press Spinebuster

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