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The Create a wrestler mode

Jeff Hardy Caw

A Jeff Hardy Caw

Create a wrestler (or CAW) is a gameplay mode widely featured in the WWE Smackdown vs RAW franchise. It allows players to create male or female wrestlers that may not be featured in a given title. One can also create versions of television, movie, comic or cartoon personalities. Another popular use of the Create a Wrestler mode is the creation of the player themselfs. Players may get together with friends and create a tag team or stable, consisting of themselfs.


The Create a Wrestler mode in WWF/E games has been continuously improved to allow creators better freedom. As of 2010, CAWS have become a large part of the WWF/E game series and websites dedecated to them have become avalable. Creators will often upload their formulas to allow other fans to create the exact same CAW.

The most popular use for the Create a Wrestler mode is the creation of wrestlers that are absent from the game or wrestle for another company. For example, when Jeff Hardy was released from his WWE contract, fans began making CAWS of him. They then began maing CAWS of him in his TNA attire when he began wrestling for TNA.

Mechanics Edit

Create A Wrestler starts a player off with a generic male/female model. From there, the player can edit head; eyes; eyebrows; hair; skin; body size; and attire. Finer features, such as words, symbols or letters, can even be added on the created wrestler's body for extra detail. The wrestler can also be weighted into weight groups that effect the superstar's stats.

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