WWE 12 FREE DLC Masked Kane Chokeslam "Attitude Era"

WWE 12 FREE DLC Masked Kane Chokeslam "Attitude Era"

Kane about to Chokeslam Zack Ryder in WWE '12

Wwe 12 taker chokeslam

Chokeslam on Edge

Chokeslam is a professional wrestling maneuver which the wrestler grasps their opponent's neck, lifts them up, and slams them to the mat. It is common in televised wrestling because it is simple and relatively safe, yet looks powerful on camera.The chokeslam is typically used as a finisher by large wrestlers, further enhancing its perception as a powerful maneuver. This maneuver can be more damaging if the victim is slammed into an object, such as a table, steel chair, or garbage can.

Different varietiesEdit

The most common variety of chokeslam is performed with a single-handed choke. The wrestler places their free hand behind the opponent's back to help turn them horizontally for the throw. Although a chokeslam begins with a "choke", it is not usually considered to be an illegal move. The single arm choke that normally precedes a chokeslam is known as a goozle.