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    WWE Wrestle Mania 21 is game based on The Super bowl Wrestleng it has a copule of SuperStars legends , the game got bad reviews for being to boring as heck the grapchis were great the sound was okay the game was relsed for XBox mirsoft it has old matches from SDVSRW and the show it self


    • Vince McMahon
    • Theodore "Teddy" Long
    • Jim Ross
    • Jerry "The King" Lawler
    • Tazz
    • Michael Cole
    • Eric Bischoff
    • Nick Patrick (Referee

    Bubba Ray Dursley , Charlie Haas , Edge Val Venis

    Trish Srtatus Stacy Keilber , Ashley , Mikie James

    John Cena The Rock , Ape Wonder

    Shane Mcahon , Torrie Wilson , Jeff Hardy , Matt Hard undertaker


    Hell in Cella fufil your fansty Parking lot Brawl

    Casket matc Tag Team

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