Ring name(s) Blackjack Mulligan, Jr.[1][2]

Barry Windham[1][2] Yellow Dog[1][2][2] The Widowmaker[1][2] The Stalker[1][2] Blackjack Windham[1][2]

Billed height 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)[1][2]
Billed weight 220 lb (100 kg) - 277 lb (126 kg)[1][2]
Born July 4, 1960 (age 53)[1][2]

Sweetwater, Texas[1][2]

Resides Homerville, Georgia[1][2]
Billed from Sweetwater, Texas
Trained by Blackjack Mulligan[1]

Harley Race[2]

Debut November 27, 1979[1][2]
Retired 2004

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